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A Beautiful city situated in the foothills of the Western Ghats, it offers a cool, health-giving climate & is surrounded by pure natural beauty in the form of rivers and hills which exhibits dense evergreen forests. It is the fourth largest city of Karnataka, and also known as Belagavi and Venugraama or "bamboo village". Belagavi has been selected in the first phase out of 20 cities as one of the hundred Indian cities to be developed as a smart city under PM Narendra Modi's flagship Smart Cities Mission, hence a second state administrative building Suvarna Vidhana Soudha was inaugurated on 11 October 2012. So the Government of Karnataka has proposed making Belgaum the second capital of Karnataka. It is one of the oldest towns in the state; the city is also called as ‘Sugar Bowl of Karnataka’, and the district as ‘Sugar District’.


Belagavi was founded in 12th century AD by the Ratta dynasty, The Kamalabasti built by Ratta a Jain temple dedicated to Neminatha in 1204. Kannada inscriptions in Nagari scripts can be found in Pillars found inside Belgaum fort. Later the city has got a new nickname as ‘Kunda Nagari’ because of its famous sweet dish Kunda. Because of the huge scope of its sugarcane growing and producing facilities. Later the city's name was changed from Belgaum to Belagavi by the Karnataka government.


Belgaum is located at an average elevation of 751 meters (2,464 feet) and 100 km from the Arabian Sea with the Markandeya River flowing nearby. Belagavi city is in the northwestern parts of Karnataka and lies at the border of two states, Goa and Maharashtra; it is just 50kms away from the Goa state border, Belagavi district has around 1278 villages with an area of 13,415 km² & a population of around 4.8 million according to the census of 2011. Belgaum shows swift and many-colored changes in landscape, vegetation and climate.


Belagavi has tropical savanna climate, it is best known for its pleasing year-round climate. It encounters continuous monsoon rains in June through September & it sometimes receives hail storms during April. Belagavi will be at its coldest in winter i.e. (November – February) the temperatures will be dropping to 7 degrees Celsius, which is the minimum temperature in Karnataka state is usually recorded in Belgaum.


Belagavi district’s average literacy rate is 78% it is favored more than the national average of 65% in which of those 54% are males and 46% are female literates. 11% of the populations are below 6 years of age. The local languages spoken in this city are Kannada & Marathi language. Even though the official language is Kannada there are a minority number of Urdu and Konkani language speakers.


Belagavi is a dominant source of vegetables, fruits, meat, poultry, fish, mining production, and wood. The City outperforms the trading in North Karnataka, & mainly in the major cities like Goa, Maharashtra, Pune and Bengaluru. The Uranium deposits can be found at Deshnur, a village near Bailhongal town in Belagavi District it even contains Rich deposits of Bauxite, which led to the creation of the Indian aluminum-producing company Hindalco Industries of the Aditya Birla Group. Belagavi is a major manufacturer of milk in Karnataka State; it covers 30% of the state's milk production, and has the highest number of Sugar factories in Karnataka. Belagavi is also a foundry Hub of Karnataka, in which there are more than 200+ foundries producing automotive and industrial castings.


Belagavi's healthy climate, presence to the coast and strategic position near to Portuguese Goa recommended it to the British as a suitable location for an army training center, in which it still continues to be it for the Indian Armed Forces, along with an air force station. Maratha Light Infantry Regimental Centre (MLIRC) at Belagavi accommodates the Commando Training Wing, which is a part of the Infantry School situated in Dr. Ambedkar Nagar. Between the military hospital & the commando training center there consists of the eminent Belgaum Military School, established in 1945. Belagavi provides a favorable climate for ITBP - The Indo-Tibetan Border Police, a training center situated in Belagavi at Halbhavi. The Central Reserve Police Force Institute of elite central paramilitary forces is starting up a national level training institution for jungle warfare at Khanapur in Belagavi.


Belagavi is a noticeable educational hub, it houses of 8 engineering colleges, 5 medical colleges, & some dental colleges across the city and district. Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU), the largest university of Karnataka for technical education has its base in Belagavi. There are Basic degree colleges, 9 polytechnic college and 3 law colleges are some other educational institutions around Belgaum. The Karnataka Lingayat Education Society (KLE), & Karnataka Law Society (KLS), the two major educational bases in Belgaum.


Belagavi is connected via road by national highways 4 connecting Maharashtra, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu and 4A Highways connecting Karnataka and Goa. (NWKRTC) - North Western Karnataka Road Transport Corporation basically runs the buses to all over of Karnataka and to the other neighboring states. Even there are many convenient, private bus companies providing transportation services to all major destinations in Karnataka and other states. KSRTC - Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation provides transportation services to almost all villages in Karnataka and it operates 6463 schedules in a day covering a functional distance of 23.74lakh km with a total of 7599 buses count and it transports on an average of 24.57lakh passengers per day. The city is houses an Airport at Sambra, which is the Oldest Airport in North Karnataka and its just 10 kilometers away from the Belagavi city. It was directly connected by air with Mumbai, but the only flight on the route was due to financial crisis at Kingfisher Airlines, since then SpiceJet has claiming and offering daily flights to Bengaluru, Mumbai, Kolkata, New Delhi, Jabalpur, Hyderabad, Mangaluru and Chennai.

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